Before finding True North Strength and Fitness, I had a very on-again-off-again relationship with exercise. I was an occasional runner, a gym dropout (a few times) and would often start—and eventually stop—whatever home workout was currently trending. I felt sluggish and I was disappointed in myself because I wasn’t taking care of my body. However, not knowing how to train, not having accountability and always feeling self conscious in a gym, kept me from doing anything about it. Sasha and Guy have changed that. They have made fitness accessible. They built programs for me and are always there to help. The gym community is incredibly supportive and I have never felt self conscious on the floor. I am stronger than ever and am now proud to be taking care of my body. Six months in with no intention to ever leave!
– Codi Darnell

“When I started training with Sasha and Guy I was at a point in my life where I wanted physical changes. I had a two and four-year-old and I was feeling down about the way I looked and felt. After training with them for over six years I can honestly say the change became more of a transformation. I rediscovered myself by constantly achieving things I never felt possible. When I started, I hoped to do one push up off the floor and help my pelvic floor recover from two pregnancies. But the journey has become so much more. By showing up each week my body has gotten stronger and fitter and my mind has followed suit. I regained the self-confidence I had been lacking in my life and started making better choices for myself and my children. Becoming part of the community at True North Strength and Fitness has been wonderful and connected me with so many supportive people who also want to keep striving for better health.”
– Sarah Blitstein

“I have been working at True North Strength and Fitness for over 2 years and have not only attained my personal fitness goals, but far exceeded them.  Whether training for an Iron Man, Gran Fondo or just wanting to get in better shape, using their extensive knowledge True North will custom fit your program.  I personally have learned a great deal about how to prepare for a race, not only from a training perspective but the proper nutrition and recovery. In fact, at age 58, I feel better and stronger than I did 10 years ago. Next year the goals are higher and harder so we have a lot of work to do!”

– Rob Van Zanten

“True North Strength and Fitness has helped me safely prepare for many different sporting events over the last 6 years. Thanks to the exceptional training I have received, I have always been prepared and have been able to complete every event I’ve signed up for: trail races, adventure races, Fondos, and high-level roller hockey tournaments. Each and every time they tailored a program for me to ensure I was as ready to go as possible!”

– David Peacock

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