Every month at True North Strength and Fitness we recognize the efforts of a community member that has broken new ground in their fitness game – either completing a significant event, taking their training to a whole new level, or stepping completely outside of their fitness comfort zone. We hope that by shining the spotlight on their fitness journey, you’ll be educated, motivated, and inspired no matter where you find yourself on your own.

Oh, and high-fives for the featured members are always welcome – because the world can always use more high-fives!

This month we’re shining our spotlight on…

How old are you? 

  • Claire: 41
  • Katie: 39

How long have you been training and how did you get started?  

  • Claire: I’ve loved sports my whole life and have always been game to try or play anything.
  • Katie: Three years- seemed like a good idea after my last baby.

What’s your sport and/or fitness background? 

  • Claire: I had the privilege to be exposed to all kinds of sport.  The sport that made the biggest difference in my life growing up was soccer. I had the most unbelievable coaches that impacted my life beyond words. I am forever grateful to them for giving up their time; it made such a difference to me.  
  • Katie: Runner and equestrian.

What’s your most recent sport and/or fitness accomplishment? How long did it take you to prepare? 

  • Claire: Training for The North Face Endurance Challenge half-marathon in San Francisco. It took 4-months to prepare but didn’t feel that long because I had great training partners and the most beautiful terrain for our Sunday runs.
  • Katie:  Training for The North Face Endurance Challenge half-marathon in San Francisco, it took about 4-months to prepare. 

What does a typical training week look like for you?

  • Claire: It varies but I try to shoot for 2 gym sessions and one day of cardio.
  • Katie: 2 gym sessions, and 2- 3 running sessions.

What’s your favorite exercise? Why?  

  • Claire: Pull-ups, just because.
  • Katie: Med ball slams. They are deeply satisfying.

What’s your least favorite exercise? Why?  

  • Katie: I dread TRX Inverted Row – I keep thinking if I fall into a well, and someone throws me a rope, will I ever get out?

Favorite time of the day to workout.   

  • Katie: I really like midmorning workouts- it’s a great time of day to get sweaty.

What’s something sport and/or fitness related you would like to try, but haven’t?  

  • Claire: I’ve always wanted to try biathlon. How freakin’ cool would that be?! Move over James Bond.
  • Katie: I like the idea of riding a bike.  However, I am not too sure what that would look like exactly.  Still thinking about it…

What’s the next sport and/or fitness goal you would like to accomplish?

  • Claire: I would like to speed up pace running and I’m thinking about a sprint triathlon.

Did you get any cool results from your training that you weren’t expecting? If yes, what were they?

  • Claire: Did I get any cool results from my training that I wasn’t expecting? I learned that Sasha has been hiding the fact she is a professional karaoke singer on the side – that was unexpected!

If you were a superhero, who would it be and/or what’s one superpower you would like to have?  

  • Katie: I wish I could fly!  Without a doubt, it would be the most freeing feeling I can think of.  A bird’s eyes view of the world would be a superb perspective.

Favorite book. 

  • Claire: I have too many, I love reading but best books this year have been In the Unlikely Event & The Dry
  • Katie: One of my favorites has to be The Island by Victoria Hislop. I fall head over heels for historical fiction and the backdrop of this story is fascinating.

Favorite movie.  

  • Claire: The Fugitive (on my top ten!)
  • Katie: Despite what many people think of him, Adam Sandler is priceless in Billy Madison.  This movie is light-hearted, playful and has brilliant lines in it that I quote when given the chance.

Favorite song. 

  • Katie: “The River” by Garth Brooks. It’s filled with nostalgia and a reminder that our goals are only within reach if we decide to place them there.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to. Why?

  • Claire: Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia and South Africa (it was all on one trip). I always wanted to go and at the time I just took off and backpacked by myself. It was an awesome adventure – I met some incredible people and got to experience an amazing part of the world.

Who is one historical figure you would like to have a conversation with?  

  • Claire: This isn’t quite the question but I would have liked to have gotten the chance to meet my grandfather who fought in WW2 and also my Grandmother who died soon after I was born.