WTF: Sit-Up

What’s up, True Northers? Are you ready to kick it old school in our latest entry for our What the Fundamentals (aka WTF) series? The Sit-Up has received a bad rap in recent years, however, [...]

WTF: Kettlebell Clean

Hello, all you wonderful True Northers – we're back with another entry for our What the Fundamentals (aka WTF) series… and this is a SUPER important one. So let’s talk about the KETTLEBELL CLEAN. Firstly [...]

WTF: Chin Up

What’s up, True Northers? Hopefully, you *wink-wink* after checking out the latest entry in our What the Fundamentals (aka WTF) series. It’s been a minute since our last WTF post so we wanted to remind [...]

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