Every month at True North Strength and Fitness we recognize the efforts of a community member that has broken new ground in their fitness game – either completing a significant event, taking their training to a whole new level, or stepping completely outside of their fitness comfort zone. We hope that by shining the spotlight on their fitness journey, you’ll be educated, motivated, and inspired no matter where you find yourself on your own.

Oh, and high-fives for the featured members are always welcome – because the world can always use more high-fives!

This month we’re shining our spotlight on…

What’s your name? Leanne Leroy

How old are you? 58

How long have you been training and how did you get started? I started training with True North in December of 2017. I injured my back about six-months prior and the resulting nerve damage in my legs prohibited me from doing all the physical activities I loved. I wanted someone to teach me how to train safely without doing any further damage to my back and to get me moving again. Training indoors is new for me as I prefer to be outside… actually LOVE being outside! But I have to admit even though I’m sacrificing the outdoors, I’m really enjoying being in the gym; the camaraderie with the other members makes my workout far more enjoyable.

What’s your sport and/or fitness background? Running has been a constant in my life; both for my sanity and as a meditation practice. From the age of six, I have actively pursued downhill skiing and cycling. Over the last few years, I have expanded my cycling to include road, cross-country, and gravel riding.

What’s your most recent sport and/or fitness accomplishment? I was able to return to road riding this summer after my injury and was not only successful in completing the 50K Prospera Valley PrestoFondo but I also placed first in my age category!

How long did it take you to prepare? Two months

What does a typical training week look like for you? I train at the gym twice, one road ride, one gravel ride, three to four long walks with my dogs, and one play session with my grandson (Yes, it is a workout!). I’m hoping to one day be able to run again.

Favorite time of the day to workout. Right after work. Exercise at this time of the day is integral in helping me make the transition from the daily stresses of work to my family life.

Favorite post-event meal. Beer – even though I’m typically not a beer-drinker – and steak. My favorite post-workout meal is my husband’s pork chops in buttermilk and mushroom sauce…yum!

What’s the next sport and/or fitness goal you would like to accomplish? Skate skiing. I tried it last season and was surprised to find it frustratingly difficult. I would like to perfect the technique and hopefully look as graceful as the experts someday.

Did you get any cool results from your training that you weren’t expecting? If yes, what were they? Abs! I have never ever had abs before! Granted they’re not a marvelous 6-pack, and never will be, but I can see them.

If you were a superhero, who would it be and/or what’s one superpower you would like to have? I have to admit that superheroes don’t interest me, BUT, I would love to have the superpower that allows me to retain and recall every single bit of knowledge, trivia, names etc that I come across. Can you imagine how powerful that would be!

Favorite author: Margaret Atwood. I think she is brilliant. Her intense novels are written from the female perspective about our role in society and politics.  I love how her prose challenges me.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to. Sun Peaks. We are fortunate to have a mountain home at Sun Peaks. It is my happy place where the stresses of routine life roll away and are temporarily forgotten while I immerse in all that the mountain offers. Skiing, hiking, biking, golfing or just relaxing, followed by dinner and great conversation with special friends or family is the absolute best!

What are three things you would take with you if you were stranded on a desert island? 1) My husband. He is my rock and soul mate; together we can accomplish any challenge presented to us. 2) A really good book, for those much-needed breaks from The Husband. 3) A big knife. For practical and survival reasons of course, like hunting, protection and building a shelter.